Handstand & Pole Show

Power and sleekness with a touch of blues. 
A requiem for the freedom. Chinese pole, handstand and smooth acrobatics melt to an elegant performance full of poetry and emotions.
On top of that Ihor is playing saxophone while performing pole acrobatics.
A highlight for every Event!


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The compact pole can fit practically anywhere. The performance can be adapted to any kind of event, depending on the client’s request. (music, costume, length, specials features, etc…)
You can find some examples in the gallery section. 
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Dance Acrobatics

T ridiculous - SHOW CREATION

F5 Kopie_small.jpgVersatile - Unique - Entertaining

At once poetic, dynamic, funny, musical or all in combination,
this trio of Berlin-based artists always put on a lively and upbeat
show that leaves audiences spellbound and satisfied.


Gala_2018-6 Kopie.jpgDifferent showcases (in separate blocks or in full length) up to 45 min in total are available.
The style may also be theme optimized at a client’s request.

Check out the website for more information: www.3dcls.com

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Funny and Crazy.

The three entertainers make music, create pictures and make people laugh, using only their bodies and a microphone.


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Using different musical instruments and a loop station Ihor can imitate a whole band by himself and create music with a special kind of magic.

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